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Returning to a Psychologically Safe Place

By Robert Goldman, Psy.D., J.D. and Jaclyn Gordon What is psychological safety and why do we need it now? The world is different than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic, as we all know. Personally, we also may have changed our opinions and values regarding certain issues, particularly physical space with others. What we are comfortable with, … Read more

To Ask or Not to Ask? That Is the Question

This post was written by Robert Goldman, Psy.D., J.D., and Jaclyn Gordon. Asking about someone’s vaccination status In addition to the legal implications of this question, the possibility of violating someone’s personal boundaries to the point of distress is also possible. How can we find a balance between protecting the legal rights of each other … Read more

Wellness Is an Effort

Approximately 40,000 years ago, there were two Neanderthal men living in a cave. Their names were Worry and Carefree. It had been days since they had eaten. From a distance, they saw an object that they hoped to be a source of food. Worry stayed back, but Carefree went for it. As Carefree got closer … Read more

Keep Your Personal Problems Out of the Office

By Robert Goldman, Psy.D., J.D. and Jaclyn Gordon Such are the expectations many employers have of their employees. However, how realistic is it to shut your mind from focusing on the stressors of life? Wellness requires effort. From our evolutionary instincts, the mind will often focus on the negative events in our life and ruminate on … Read more

Carpe Discordia: Seize the Conflict

I have a confession to make. I am a devout New York Mets fan. It makes life easy. I like people who are fellow Mets fans and demonize Yankee fans. The only time this becomes a problem is when I see redeeming qualities in a Yankee fan. But I can avoid this by avoiding them. … Read more

Mental Health Awareness Is Not a Week, It’s a Way of Life

By Robert Goldman, Psy.D., J.D., Webb Garrison, Ph.D., and Jaclyn Gordon Mental Health Awareness Week in 2021 was October 3rd-9th. Dedicating only one week out of the year to mental health awareness is essentially the same as brushing your teeth for only a week out of the year. While the message and sentiment of Mental … Read more

We Have to Recreate to Re-Create Workspaces

While COVID-19 represented an existential threat for the world, many takeaways and learning experiences emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic. People were forced to slow down, spend more time with family, and work from home. This resulted in taking an inventory of those things in life that we may have been avoiding, ignoring, or taking for granted. For … Read more

Teachers Are Hurting and a New Approach Is Needed

By Robert Goldman, Psy.D., J.D., and Jaclyn Gordon In the past, I have been invited to participate in Superintendent’s Day training with numerous school districts. Most of the topics focused on addressing the student’s needs. Just recently, I was consulted to provide resiliency training for teachers. This was a courageous and important step by the … Read more

A Battle of Two Resiliences

By Robert Goldman, JD, Psy.D, and Richard Bryan, MD, PhD. Why has the COVID virus been able to overcome all of the challenges that have stood in its way? Humanity is doing all it can to withstand the obstacles COVID has presented. If this was a Marvel Movie, it would be called, “The Battle of … Read more

Eric Adams Believes Emotional Intelligence Is Required

Mayor Elect of New York City, Eric Adams, recently cited a candidate’s emotional intelligence as being of primary importance in choosing leaders within his administration. Emotional intelligence is tied to one’s ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. A recent article in the Washington Post reported that we are in a national crisis … Read more