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In a recent article published by The New York State Bar Association Journal, TLC-VR’s Chief Psychologist and Co-CEO, Dr. Robert Goldman, J.D., Psy.D., explains that many lawyers are perceived as “gladiators” hired to fight their client’s battles.

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Therefore, it is rare for an attorney to acknowledge his/her own suffering, although in recent years, more attention has been given to the stress and anxiety associated with the practice of law.

Attorney’s depression, anxiety, chronic stress, burnout, and substance abuse disorders exceed those of many other professions.

Research estimates that approximately:

These are all factors that contribute to working burnout.

It was also found that between 21% and 36% of attorneys qualify as “problem drinkers.”

Stress and Burnout Among Attorneys

The solution:

TLC Virtual Resiliency provides attorneys and support staff with a unique social support network and a customized, virtual curriculum that is evidence-based, curated by experts, and delivered through weekly group workshops designed to enhance resilience and coping, and reduce stress and burnout.

Benefits for your practice:

A 2016 survey by Law360 found that over 40 percent of lawyers reported that they were likely or very likely to leave their current law firms in the next year.

“Enhancing lawyer health and well-being is good business and makes sound financial sense.”
– The Path to Lawyer Well-being (National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being)

Developing resilient attorneys not only benefits them as individuals, but it benefits their families, the communities they serve, and it benefits your practice.

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How It Works

Every TLC Virtual Resiliency program is educational, delivered in cohesive group cohorts, and uniquely customized to meet the ever-changing needs of your practice, and individual employee users.

Services include ongoing assessments and tools, weekly interactive video conferencing workshops facilitated by licensed psychologists and mental health professionals, daily conversations and personalized resources in an interactive community forum, a comprehensive resource archive, daily mind-body video content including exercise, yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, and more.


Pricing for TLC Virtual Resiliency is based on the number of groups you sign up for your organization, and the length of your custom curriculum, where the average cost is $5-25 per employee per week.

We recommend smaller group sizes for increased interaction and personalized attention, but each group can include up to 50 employees.

TLC Virtual Resiliency is now providing FREE assessments and development of a custom resilience curriculum to support attorneys and other support staff.

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