TLC Virtual Resiliency

What is Resiliency, and How Can We Become More Resilient?

What is resiliency and how can we become more resilient? Resilience can be defined as “the ability to bounce back from negative emotional experiences and the flexible adaptation to the changing demands of stressful experiences.”  Let’s face it, some of us are just more resilient than others. Have you ever read a story, watched a … Read more

Wellness is an Effort

Wellness is an effort! For what once kept us alive, is now killing us.  We are biologically programmed to be hypervigilant, which helped us stay alive at one point. Anything that we perceive to be a threat to our existence can create feelings of worry and anxiety. At one time, it was useful to anticipate … Read more

We see you. We hear you. We’re here to help.

The novel coronavirus brought the world to its knees in March and continues to wreak havoc on our lives and mental health. While all members of society have been negatively impacted in some way, health care workers are seeing the brunt of the negative impacts. With unknown cures for the virus, fear of infection, inadequate … Read more