TLC Virtual Resiliency


We offer a group-based, wellness and resiliency-building program delivered through a unique social support network and customized, virtual workshops.

Our virtual curriculum is delivered through Live, Interactive, Group Video Conferencing Workshops led by a mental health professional to groups of employees who join in together.

Between weekly workshops, employees receive Daily Motivation, and support one another in their private Community Forum moderated by a dedicated Virtual Assistant Concierge.

The Concierge is available to answer questions, conduct research, curate a Searchable Content Archive, and provide Weekly Videos, all of which is continuously designed and updated to address the specific needs of the group.

Throughout the program, from start to finish, TLC-VR staff use regular Survey and Assessment Tools to track each group’s progress on mental health resiliency, and to improve and tailor the workshops and content to the specific needs of the group.


Throughout the program TLC-VR conducts ongoing assessments to measure the resiliency and wellness needs of the group as a whole.  To ensure confidentiality, we do not conduct individual assessments.

By measuring needs and outcomes, clients get to see their employees’ progress at the group level, while the TLC-VR team use what they learn to customize the course curriculum, forum, and support resources to the needs of the group on a continuous basis.

Custom Content and
Virtual Group Workshops

Assessment results drive a custom curriculum and service delivery plan for your organization, to help your employees on their path to resiliency and ensure your organization’s success.

The custom curriculum is delivered virtually, through weekly, interactive, group video conferencing workshops

Each group workshop is facilitated by a licensed psychologist or mental health professional, or by guest speaker experts in their related fields.

Customized Service Delivery Plans

The custom curriculum and service delivery plan can be further customized to match your organization’s culture, dynamics, and training needs.

For example, the traditional weekly, virtual, workshops could instead be replaced with:

  • Any number of sessions ranging from 1 to 100 over a calendar year.
  • Variable workshop frequency including weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or even annually as needed.
  • Incorporated as a “block” in your organization’s mandated annual training.
  • Resilience workshops for CEU, CME, CNE, or other training credits.
  • Among many others!

Community Forum

Between weekly workshops, users follow and respond to daily questions and discussions in a private Facebook group/Community forum, and receive tailored resource recommendations based on individual interests and needs.

Curated Resources and Daily Videos

In addition to the specially curated resources specific to your organization and employees, users also have full access to a comprehensive online resource archive on resiliency, positive psychology, and mental wellness topics.

The Standard Resource Archive includes videos, articles, webinars, blogs, music, and more; organized by type of resource and topic. 

TLC-VR produces our own weekly videos on mind-body connection techniques including yoga, fitness, meditation and mindfulness, breathing techniques, nutrition, and much more.

We don’t just claim our programming works, we strive to prove it.

At TLC-VR, we use rigorous Monitoring and Evaluation to measure your company’s progress.

Learning and satisfaction data is collected from every group, and this data is used to identify which content topics and service delivery methods are working, and which are not.

Tools and materials are continuously reviewed and updated in response to this data, as well as to stay current with the latest research and evidence-based practices.

Each group curriculum is adjusted on a weekly basis as needed, and full assessments and service delivery plans are completed at the end of each custom curriculum (usually 4-16 weeks) to ensure we are always addressing the exact needs and interests of your group, at any point in time.

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