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Racism and Bias In The Workplace – What Can Be Done?

In May of 2020, news of George Floyd’s death spread across the nation (and world). Yet another black man was subject to police brutality, an occurrence that has been all to familiar to us since to the start of our nation. Communities everywhere were not only outraged, but exhausted that they continue to see the

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Nonviolent Communication in the Workplace

Reduced conflict, more understanding, collaboration, trust and positive relationships. If all of these things sound like something you want in your workspace, continue reading to see how this is possible. It is believed that successful companies and startups may have a secret ingredient others are missing: Communication. Nonviolent Communication (NVC), founded by Marshall Rosenberg, is

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Resilient Children Become Resilient Adults

A resilient child grows up to become a resilient adult; prepared for challenges, able to overcome adversity, persistent and determined to reach their goals. Most parents would agree that they hope their child is resilient enough to one day grow into a resilient adult. So, what makes a resilient child and how do our interactions

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How Showing Gratitude Can Improve Your Life

As life is starting to return to normal and Covid-19 regulations are lifted, it is easy to look back and think of the challenges that this year brought. It is a lot harder to think about the positive moments and the moments deserving of gratitude throughout the year. In fact, most people often take positive

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