TLC Virtual Resiliency

Personal Attention, at Affordable Cost

The annual cost of employee sickness and injury
in the United States is as much as
$225.8 billion or $1,685 per employee.

In a critical meta-analysis of the literature on costs and savings associated with workplace wellness programs, it was found that:

  • Medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent
  • Absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent.

Pricing for TLC Virtual Resiliency is based on the number of groups you sign up for your organization, and the length of your custom curriculum, where the average cost tends to be $5-$25 per employee per week.

We recommend smaller group sizes for increased interaction and personalized attention, but each group can include up to 50 employees.

Group participants will have PREMIUM access to:

  • Personalized, Evidence-Based Content and Curriculum, tailored specifically to the needs and interests of their unique and cohesive group.
  • Weekly, Interactive Video Conferencing Workshops, facilitated by licensed psychologists or mental health professionals.
  • A Private, Group-Specific Facebook Group/Community forum to reinforce and discuss content and curriculum daily, in between the group’s weekly workshops.
  • Daily Motivation, Prompts, Conversations, Information-Sharing, and Resource recommendations and support from TLC-VR and one another.
  • Virtual Assistant Concierge: Your staff’s main point of contact to provide support to employees throughout the duration of the program.  The VAC is available to answer questions, help employees find personal resources, and help manage the group interaction and participation.
  • Original TLC-VR Video Content including yoga, fitness, mediation and mindfulness, cooking and nutrition, and breathing techniques
  • A Resource Archive on Resiliency, Positive Psychology, and Mental Wellness Topics
  • A Private, Password-Protected, “Digital Dashboard” Webpage, and Weekly Newsletters, keeping all services and resources easy to access in one place.

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