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Navigating the 7Cs of Resilience Like A Pro

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On September 28, 2020,  John Cooper, head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning, told the world “Sometimes in failure, you find success.” He is certainly right. For the past five seasons, the talented Tampa Bay Lightning have experienced a parade of disappointments and failures. But now, they are the Stanley Cup Champions. Just last year … Read more

TLC-VR with Transforming the Words of Resiliency into a Reality.

This past Sunday, 10/11/2020, 60 Minutes aired a story that featured Dr. James Pruden, an Emergency Medicine Physician at St Joseph’s Hospital in New Jersey, who miraculously recovered from COVID-19 after being hospitalized for 33 days. Coinciding with this feature, the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) published an article titled, “Mental Health Disorders Related … Read more