TLC Virtual Resiliency

What Is Resiliency?

How well we adapt to adversity, trauma, or significant sources of stress — such as family and relationship problems, serious health problems, or workplace and financial stressor is a sign of our resiliency.

When we are under stress, the survival urges to fight, flight or freeze are activated (or awoken).   Although these urges were adaptive when we were being chased by wild animals, now they are contrary to our physical and mental wellbeing. The survival urges were adaptive for short term stressors (e.g. being chased). We call this the acute stress response. Short-term survival responses to long term stressors, often referred to as chronic stress (e.g COVID-19), can have negative consequences to our mental and physical health, such as depression and high blood pressure.  

The good news is that despite our survival urges stress-resilience can be taught. Our Mission at TLC-VR is to help companies develop employee wellness strategies so that they are more resilient when the inevitable stressors strike.  This in turn allows your employees to be more focused, healthy, and productive.

To better understand our mission, we created The Resiliency Tree.

The tree is divided into different zones:

The Fear Zone,
The Learning Zone,
The Growth Zone, and
The Resilience Zone.

What Zone Are You In?

Fear Zone

When stressful life events occur, the initial response is often fear, which leads us to tap into a set of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors which create a perpetual negative cycle.  Getting stuck in this cycle has an adverse impact on all facets of our lives including thinking, communications, concentration, interpersonal relationships, and the ability to be our best at our jobs.

Learning Zone

At TLC-VR, our goal is to help your employees climb out of the Fear Zone and begin to learn life skills, positive thinking patterns, and coping strategies to address current and future stressors.  This learning occurs in our virtual, live, and interactive workshops.

Growth Zone

In the Growth Zone, the strategies that are taught at TLC-VR are practiced and form healthy habits. This occurs both within and outside the group context. We offer content that further guides healthy habits, healthy minds, and healthy communications.

Resilience Zone

The Health Habits become part of a person’s character and creates a paradigm shift. Life stressors are inevitable. However a person in the Resilience Zone views the danger within a crisis, and turns it into an opportunity to grow. This takes place within the group context and outside of it through the development of healthy minds, healthy emotions, healthy communications, and healthy relationships. As people enter the Resilience Zone, their work-life, home-life, and sense of self all have an opportunity to blossom.

How we climb from limb to limb is not always in a straight path.  We may fall and land on the Fear Zone.

However, TLC-VR is here to catch you and help you to continue on your journey to a productive and stable stress-resilient life.

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