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Mind-Body Connection and How Stress Affects your Health

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What is the Mind-Body Connection and How Does it Affect Stress? Do you ever notice that when you’re worn down, you tend to get sick? Do you feel moody and irritable when you’re lacking proper sleep? If you’re like most people, you have experienced these things. This is because the mind and body are intimately … Read more

How Positive Emotions Promote Resiliency and Well-Being

We all know that it feels good to have positive emotions, but did you know that positive emotions also contribute to creativity, better health, stronger relationships, and more resiliency? Barbara Fredrickson is the leading researcher in the field of positive emotions and her work has allowed us to understand how important positive emotions are for … Read more

Don’t Let Anxiety Stand in Your Way

We all know that twinge of anxiety that we get regarding certain situations that make us uneasy. The feeling of anxiety usually doesn’t feel good or comfortable, but luckily for us, anxiety isn’t all bad. In fact, it helps motivate us to complete things and tackle a situation. The Yerkes-Dodson law posits that there is … Read more