TLC Virtual Resiliency

TLC Virtual Resiliency is Proud to Announce its Partnership with the New York State Academy of Family Physicians

March 15, 2021 – (New York, NY) –TLC Virtual Resiliency is announcing its partnership with the New York State Academy of Family Physicians to promote mental wellness by providing its 6-week program to help New York State physicians deal with the stress of practicing that has been so severely exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  “We … Read more

A Resilient Return to Normal, Whatever That Means

A year ago, we faced many new challenges as the coronavirus threw the world into a panic. Many unanswered questions made us fearful of both the known and the unknown. Despite this heightened level of stress, we adjusted, and new approaches to cope with the pandemic arose. We Zoomed from room to room, and country … Read more

Physician Burnout and the Importance of Self-Care in Building Resilience

Physician burnout has long been documented as a pervasive issue in healthcare. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted in September of 2020, 58% of physicians reported feelings of burnout. Unfortunately, there are systemic issues within healthcare that propagate the continuation of burnout culture. But, “a broken system is not an excuse to not … Read more

How We Respond to Good News Builds Resilience Too

Connections with others and strong relationships are a foundational part of resilience. This entails being there for someone when something goes wrong, as well as being there when something goes right. If we are not there when things go right, the relationship can suffer, even if we are there every time something goes wrong. When … Read more

TLC Virtual Resiliency Appoints Terri-Ann Graham Director of Marketing

TLC Virtual Resiliency has appointed Terri-Ann Graham as Director of Marketing. In her role as Director, Terri-Ann will lead all aspects of TLC Virtual Resiliency’s marketing strategies, manage all marketing functions and develop business partnerships. She will work closely with Co-Founder’s Annika Kazembe and Robert Goldman and CIO Paul Meller. Terri-Ann brings to TLC Virtual … Read more

Co-CEO of TLC-VR, Annika Kazembe is a Guest Speaker on the Celebrating Women in Business Live Event Hosted by Patrick Jackman

Join our Co-CEO Annika Kazembe (Formerly known as Annika D’Andrea) live this Thursday the March 11th at 7:30 pm! Learn more about the live event with Patrick Jackman below:#celebratingwomeninbusiness ABOUT THE:30:’THE:30 with Patrick Jackman’, is 30 minutes of interviews and conversations with business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, personal and professional development experts. A production of The … Read more