TLC Virtual Resiliency

TLC Virtual Resiliency Appoints Terri-Ann Graham Director of Marketing

TLC Virtual Resiliency has appointed Terri-Ann Graham as Director of Marketing. In her role as Director, Terri-Ann will lead all aspects of TLC Virtual Resiliency’s marketing strategies, manage all marketing functions and develop business partnerships. She will work closely with Co-Founder’s Annika Kazembe and Robert Goldman and CIO Paul Meller.

Terri-Ann brings to TLC Virtual Resiliency a strong digital marketing background. She has held key digital marketing positions in various industries and has led digital marketing strategies for a number of startups. Terri-Ann also founded her own digital marketing company in 2017.

Prior to joining TLC Virtual Resiliency, Terri-Ann was marketing manager for Tender Loving Family Care, Inc., a home health care agency affiliated with TLC Virtual Resiliency. In that role, Terri-Ann managed all marketing initiatives for Tender Loving Family Care and grew the company’s digital presence.