TLC Virtual Resiliency

Leave your s*** at the door

The workforce in our world is changing, and has been ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With these changes, employers and employees may have to develop an open mind when it comes to expectations at work, especially if continuing remote work. 

One thing has not changed, which is that we want productive work days, commitment to our jobs, and best efforts being put forth. On the other hand, we also want employees to feel comfortable, safe, and be able to prioritize their wellbeing. After collectively experiencing a pandemic, and dealing with lockdowns and all the accompanying repercussions, it is no surprise that mental health and wellbeing are a top priority. 

Finding a balance between continuing to produce work that is efficient and exceptional while also prioritizing mental health is a challenge. Although it is true that we as humans have always had personal problems and hardship in our lives, the ongoing ramifications of the pandemic are still occurring and will continue to be present for years to come. 

It turns out that there are ways to do both of these – and prioritizing mental health in the workplace may have more benefits than you may think. When employees feel supported and take care of their wellbeing, studies have demonstrated that they are more productive at work.

What are some ways to show employees that you value their mental health? Start by acknowledging mental health as something that we all struggle with. 

  • Allow sick days to also include mental health days – maybe schedule days off for entire teams/departments as a “mental health” day. We know that mental health and resilience is not something that should be dealt with once someone is struggling, but we want to address issues before they become just that – an issue. 
  • Create an environment of psychological safety, and encourage open communication among employees. Read this blog for more information on psychological safety
  • Bring in mental health support. TLC-Virtual Resiliency provides evidence-based, interactive workshops with licensed psychologists that target building resiliency and coping skills. 

How to Leave your s*** at the door, but also help employees feel supported

– How can we be empathetic to employees 

– TLC-VR programs to create safe space at work

– Create safe space 

– Show you value mental health and wellbeing 

-Assume employees come in without anything that will interfere with their ability to perform, however wellness is an effort 

-Perceived support, productivity is higher 

– working remotely may be lonelier and people may feel less isolated


Written by Jaclyn Gordon