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TLC Virtual Resiliency Commemorates One-Year Anniversary

April 1, 2021 (New York, NY) ­­– This week, TLC Virtual Resiliency celebrates its one year anniversary. Recognizing the mental health toll the pandemic was creating, Annika Kazembe and Robert Goldman joined forces to create a program that empowers employees to better respond and adapt to adversity, anxiety, and everyday stresses they encounter in both their personal and professional lives. The TLC-VR family has grown into an incredible team of professionals who have provided services for healthcare workers, educators, law firms, and government entities.

Throughout this past year, TLC Virtual Resiliency has partnered with various organizations and entities, including the Town of Babylon and the New York State Academy of Family Physicians, to guide individuals through these trying times and onto a path of resilience. Annika Kazembe, President and Co-Founder of TLC-VR voiced the strength of TLC-VR’s work thus far in the community, “We are extremely proud of our results over this past year, we have helped an enormous amount of people with resiliency-building and also helped with maintaining their resiliency.”

Robert Goldman, Chief Psychologist and Co-Founder of TLC Virtual Resiliency, commented on the inspiration for the founding of TLC-VR stating, “In the midst of the pandemic, TLC-VR was formed as a call to action to offer support and resiliency education to all those who were impacted. In its formation, TLC-VR combined the increased usage of video conferencing and need to maintain social connection, while remaining socially distant.” TLC-VR’s Chief Innovation Officer, Paul Meller, added, “Now more than ever we need paths to building wellness, well-being, and resilience. TLC-VR has blazed this path and illuminated it for the many people who have been so deeply affected by the health and social crises of our time.”

As April marks Stress Awareness Month, TLC Virtual Resiliency recognizes the immense stress the pandemic has put on the everyday lives of families and workers and is here to assist in overcoming challenges of all kinds and help communities to bounce back even stronger than before. According to D’Andrea, “This global pandemic upended the lives of many – causing fear, exhaustion, pain and many uncertainties. It eroded our mental health.”

About TLC Virtual Resiliency: TLC Virtual Resiliency (TLC-VR) is a group-based, virtual, custom wellness and resiliency-building program. We provide groups with educational content on resilience and coping skills to help build resiliency and manage stress and anxiety. Our custom curriculum and educational tools help build resiliency. In doing so they can prevent and relieve work-place stress, improve staff performance, and save money. For more information, visit

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