A Resilient Return to the Classroom

Educators Returning to the Workplace During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

TLC Virtual resiliency education webinar 2021

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Thursday January 13th, 2022



TLC-VR Webinar: A Resilient Return to the Classroom


Webinar Hosts and Guests

HOST: Dr. Paul Meller

Dr. Paul Meller is a licensed psychologist with over thirty-years of experience. He is a leading voice nationally in the promotion of wellness and psychological well-being. Dr. Meller has worked with children, families, public agencies, Courts, community-based organizations, Head Start Programs, and over 150 school-districts in promoting wellness and building resiliency. He has developed numerous prevention and training programs with the goal of promoting wellness, building resiliency, and decreasing conflict. Dr. Meller is an associate professor of Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Law at Hofstra University. He is the Director of the Doctoral Training Program in School-Community, Psychology. Dr. Meller also serves as the Director of the Institute for Family Forensic Psychology, and the Director of Mediation at the Hofstra University School of Law – Center for Children, Families, and the Law. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, a Master of Arts in developmental psychology from Columbia University, and a Doctorate in school psychology from Syracuse University. Dr. Meller plays leadership roles and/or has been a founding member of a number of professional organizations. In his spare time Dr. Meller enjoys working-out, practicing yoga, and playing guitar. He can be seen riding his motorcycle around his hometown twelve months a year.

GUEST: Dr. Nadyne Castoro

Nadyne Castoro, Psy.D. is a Community and School psychologist who received her doctorate from Hofstra University in 2001. Dr. Castoro has been employed by the Plainedge School District, in New York, as an elementary School Psychologist for the past 18 years. In her role as a School Psychologist she earned an instructor certification in Crisis Prevention and Intervention. This training has allowed her to train over 1,000 staff and faculty members a year. Dr. Castoro has been responsible for numerous prevention programs in her school including and is designated as a Building Team Leader. Through this position, she works collaboratively with administration to ensure that the school building climate is safe, effective and builds resilience for both students and faculty. Dr. Castoro has learned about resilient living first-hand. She states that her greatest accomplishment is that she is a 10-year survivor of stage 4 Lymphoma cancer. Dr. Castoro is also a working educator parent, which requires skillful and purposeful work/life balance. She is the mother of two very active children, a teen year old and a 12 year old. She describes herself as a flexible optimist and positive thinker who sees humor and the power of positive thinking as her most powerful tools in her professional and personal lives.

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